1. So Johnny, give us your introduction!

Hi I'm Johnny, and I love dogs!


2. What is the most interesting fact about you?

One interesting fact about me is that I've been on Blue Peter....but hardly anyone ever believes me because I was wearing the Clyde Mascot costume from the Glasgow 2014 games!


3. What do you do in your spare time? 

I don't really have much spare time but when I do get some, I love to spend it with family and friends, taking my wee Spaniel pup long dug walks and bit of a film buff so love going to the cinema. (Always pop on my specs for the movies!)


4. What's your favourite thing to do in Summer?

In the summer, I love trips away with the family to Loch Lomond and Gourock. Lovely being out on the water in Scotland at the summertime...when the midges stay away that is. 


5. Who inspires you to do what you do?

Guess I've got quite a few inspirations...for the acting side of things, Gary Oldman has always been my hero. While a lot of the work I do these days is more commercial and you don't really get the chance to stretch yourself the way I used to in the theatre, he's always someone I've aspired to be like with the incredible range and emotion he has. For the singing and gigging side of things I love Billy Joel and Elton John and the way those guys strip everything away and interpret songs.  And (this one might seem very random!) but I love Conor McGregor! Not just because I love to see him knock people out in 13 seconds (!) but the self belief he has is very inspiring. 


6. What’s your favourite role that you have played or favourite song to sing?

My favourite role to play was the revolutionary Che in the stage version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Evita" three years ago. It was a dream role that felt like everything in my performance life had been building towards...I made some of my best friends during that production and I will cherish the memories that came with being part of that show for the rest of my life.