1. Introduce yourself Mark!

Apart from “Hi, I’m Mark, let’s go to the pub” ?

I’m the Ambassador to Scotland for Glenfiddich Whisky, An educator for the brand. I teach people the history of our family distillery, train various groups such as any hospitality staff, bartenders or customers about whisky and glenfiddich.  host dinners, press events, talk to journalists, answer queries regarding the brand. Host VIP tours of the distillery, maintain a face and contact in the on trade and drink the occasional dram :)


2. If you could tell us one interesting fact about yourself what would it be?

I hosted the worlds highest whisky tasting with a satellite feed to base camp on Everest. No ice was added to the whisky!


3. What do you do in your spare time? 

Ride my bike. I used to race for Scotland when I was younger and still enjoy a long bicycle ride whenever I can. (Can IOLLA start making sports specs please to complete my wardrobe..?)


4. What's your favourite thing to do in Summer?

Beer gardens with pals and a glenfiddich cocktail, or bagging a Munro with a dram at the summit. Are you getting a theme regarding whisky in my life? 


5. How do you like to drink your Whisky?

Many ways. Depends on the occasion. I love an Old Fashioned Cocktail with Glenfiddich 15 Solera reserve. It’s big and bold but when made well, simply delicious. I’ve no issue with anyone drinking whisky in any manor- it’s a very versatile drink and a personal thing. I’m lucky in my role to have drank some of the worlds oldest and rarest drams and some of the newest and strangest! So i always approach whisky with an open mind and explore as much as I can. Our newest Experimental series of whiskies are my current go to’s, especially the I.P.A. Finished whisky with a cheeky beer on the side.


6. From your collection, how do you choose which pair of IOLLAs to wear each day? 

I have 7 different pairs I think, and yes, some are the finishing touch to the days chosen threads. But sometimes, I pick a pair out because I’m in the mood for them and they will be what build my outfit around. I wear a lot of tweed and the colours available from IOLLA often pick out some of the detailed coloured wools in my suits. But most often, you’ll find me in jeans and t-shirt so my Doyle’s are just perfect for that.