Ah eyewear shopping. You think it would be a fun day out full of show room montages and your friends clapping at your face with every reveal. But alas, for some (if not most) of us glasses wearers it’s not that simple. Shopping for glasses can be very hard for numerous reasons, but the main one being - you can’t see. So when you are in a showroom, it can be somewhat embarrassing showcasing your blindness as you feel for a mirror, and press your face against it to see. (Just me?) The solution to this is simple. If you can’t get into the real life experience, it’s time to get online. 

I know I know, the fear of buying glasses online is real but stick with me as I teach you how the art of online eyewear shopping with IOLLA is less scary than you think.

Inglis in clear crystal

Know your face shape

First things first, let’s start with the face. When buying glasses, the rule of thumb is: Instead of highlighting the shape of your face, complement and soften it so here we’ll be doing just that.

There are apparently six kinds of face: round, square, oval, heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, and diamond. If you don’t know yours try sketching out your face shape on a piece of paper and see what shape pops out. The main reason people are afraid of ordering online is that they are scared a style won't suit them. Knowing your face shape will eliminate these issues so once you know, try these on for size.

Round Face

You want a frame that doesn’t exaggerate that roundness — try an angular one, like a rectangle or wayfarer shape.



Square’s you’ll want to do the opposite of your round-faced counterpart and go for curved corners like a cat eye.


Apparently the easiest face to dress (just ask Kim K), your key focus should be your cheekbones and brows, but basically, you truly have a face for glasses.


Heart Shaped

Heart shapes were pretty much made for aviators, light colours and can pull off the most delicate and intricate frames.



To downplay the strong chin, a dark cat eye or lifting frame would transform and balance your face shape.



With your angular features a heavier frame that brings more images to the corners of your face avoiding any flat top frames that will let them overpower you.


Choose your colour

Once you've got your frames in hand, you'll want to focus on the details: namely, the colour of your glasses. You want to find a hue that coordinates with your skin and hair tones. When it comes to on-trend eyewear for 2017, you pretty much have your pick of the eyewear litter, especially when it comes to IOLLA!

 I don’t believe there is such a thing as one pair of glasses suiting all occasions. But when it comes to what colour to go for now, then I would take a look at your everyday wardrobes. What colours do you wear most? What’s your favourite lipstick? If your recent trip to Zara got you decked out in Red then accent the new wardrobe with a new frame. Either play it safe with some vanilla or clash it up with some on trend pink. Regardless of what you are looking for, this season IOLLA have all bases covered.

Lennox in chrome gold

Have your prescription prepared

It’s something that we are all used to being on our to do list but getting the right prescription is more important than you think. By cutting out the middleman, IOLLA can give you the best prescription lenses at a fraction of the price, so make sure you head out and get yours up to date before ordering. Keep your prescription to hand while you're ordering and you’ll have your sights set on a new eyewear wardrobe in no time!

And lastly,

Ask for help

Please! Don't be afraid! Just because you are ordering does not mean you will be alone. IOLLA have people on tap 24 hours a day to help you within their very own chatroom. If there’s one thing IOLLA knows, it’s your face and if there’s one thing IOLLA gives, it’s good eyewear.

So what’s stopping you? Shop the full collection now.