Fringe Weekend #2: Brochan Yoga (yoganna love it…) 

After an amazing weekend which kicked off the IOLLA Fringe, we’ve got even more going on this Saturday and Sunday that’s guaranteed to bring a wee bit of zen to your busy week.

Give your body a well deserved breather with Donna Nelson as she conducts a ‘yin’ beginners flow class, using the gentle Asana practice to focus on breath work and meditation for inner balance and calm. Know your downward facing dog from your cobra? Consider coming along to Lululemon’s Angie Lake’s Vinyasa Yoga class, where she’ll get you synchronising your movements and breathing to help you feel stronger, challenged, and more relaxed. Book in for one of the two classes each day and get some delicious porridge and granola bowls included with your ticket. Don’t worry, if you don’t manage to make it to a yoga class, Brochan will be whipping up their mouth watering creations all weekend available to purchase during usual showroom opening hours.

Our low level showroom is certainly seeing some variety this month and we’re absolutely loving it! Want to know what else we’ve got coming up this month? Keep your eyes peeled for an IOLLA Fringe flyer or pop in store and chat to a stylist to get filled in!


 To book your place in one the Saturday or Sunday yoga classes, click here.
 See you there!