Frequently Asked Questions

What is IOLLA?

IOLLA is a new brand of prescription eyewear that aims to revolutionise the traditional optical market. The proposition is to bring great quality eyewear inclusive of prescription lenses and coatings straight to the customer at £65. A cornerstone of the IOLLA way is that the customer always comes first.

What does IOLLA mean?

IOLLA is the word for ‘sight’ in the Gaelic language.

How do I send my prescription to you?

If you have purchased in our showroom but didn't have your prescription with you, you will have been sent a link in your email receipt to follow and upload a picture of your prescription that will be sent to us. If you are purchasing online you will be asked to upload a picture of your prescription when you are checking out. Alternatively, you can email with a clear image of your prescription after, or before you order with us.

What is a PD?

Your PD is your Pupillary Distance, which is the distance between the centre of your eyes. This measurement is when making up prescription glasses, positioning the lenses correctly is relation to the centre of your pupils is especially important for higher powered lenses due to the optical centre of the lenses. We can do this measurement in the showroom for you or there is a tutorial on our website if you are purchasing online:

Do you carry out eye tests?

We do not carry out eye tests at IOLLA. In Scotland, you are able to receive an independent eye test paid for by the NHS every 2 years. In other countries this varies. After your eye test, the optician should provide you with a copy of your prescription. Once you have that, then you can take it wherever you like to get glasses made up to your prescription.

What is the maximum prescription we can cater to?

Our maximum prescription range for purchases online is:

  • SPH: Up to -10/+6
  • CYL: Up to -/+4
  • COMBINED: Up to -10/+6

Our maximum prescription range for purchases at our Glasgow showroom is:

  • SPH: Up to -15/+8
  • CYL: Up to -/+6
  • COMBINED: Up to -15/+8

Online we are currently unable to provide lenses for prescriptions with a prism correction. For prescriptions that contain prism, please visit us in our showroom to discuss suitability.

In circumstances where we can not find a suitable lens choice for your order, IOLLA retain the right to cancel your order.

Do you have designer frames?

We do not stock designer frames as IOLLA is our own brand and we design all of our own frames, which are assembled with prescription and sun lenses in Glasgow.

Where are your frames from?

Our frame materials and components have been sourced from all over the world. We spent over 6 months travelling to find the best acetates, metals and components to make our eyewear. Most of the acetates used in our products are sourced from Italy, the best screws and hinges are manufactured in Germany or France and our frames are manufactured with our partner factory in the Shenzhen, China.

Do you have different sizes in each model?

All of our models only come in one size, if you require a bigger or smaller size then you will need to look at a different model type. Our range of sizes usually means we have something for everyone.

What if my frames don’t fit me?

If your frames don't feel quite right, you can bring them into one of our showrooms and our very knowledgable and talented staff are on hand a to adjust and fit your spectacles for you.

Where are your stores?

At the moment we have one showroom in Finnieston, Glasgow and a second in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

How long will the glasses take to be made up?

You can view our delivery times over on the shipping page here.

What does my order come with?

All orders come in a beautiful black leather case with a microfibre cloth to clean your lenses. This case is then placed inside our packaging sleeve.

Does IOLLA do sunglasses?

Yes we provide prescription sunglasses and non-prescription polarised sunglasses.


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Stockbridge: 0131 226 3085

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