For us, one of the most important things is that our customers feel comfortable and confident in their eyewear.

When we set out to build our collection we wanted to create everyday, wearable frames that highlight character and style. From bold colours to classic shapes, every piece is designed to do exactly that. Highlight you. We are lucky enough to have a whole range of different people wearing our glasses, and it is our goal to ensure you look great, feel confident and have fun in your IOLLAs.

For our latest campaign, we worked with a selection of our customers to tell their stories and what makes them.. well, them!


Kirsty is a portrait photographer based in Edinburgh who loves to travel.

“I work primarily in portrait, lifestyle and travel photography, I think my style is quite natural and artistic. I work with film photography as well as digital. Travel is also a HUGE passion of mine!”


Johnny is an actor and a wedding singer.

“A random fact about me is I once appeared on Blue Peter as the Clyde mascot for the Commonwealth games. So whilst I can brag to everyone about being on Blue Peter I was completely in a big ridiculous thistle costume!”


Nicole is a holistic skin specialist working in Glasgow.

“I came across IOLLA when I was walking past the shop in Finnieston, and I thought they just looked to cool I really really wanted a pair! I love the frame styles, I have a Doyle at home and I really love them. I think that they are cool because they are a tortoiseshell rather than just a block colour.”


Mark is the ambassador to Scotland for Glenfiddich, single malt whiskey.

“My job changes on a daily basis. One minute I am training bartenders in a city bar, then that evening I can be in a hotel in the highlands hosting a dinner.
I have to change what I do each day and each minute, and my IOLLAs change with me."