In order to purchase prescription glasses or sunglasses, you need to have an in-date prescription. Whether you’re going for your first eye test, or you're getting an updated prescription, we're here to help you along the way.



Book your eye test at any opticians. In Scotland eye tests are free every two years. Not sure if the prescription we have on file for you is still in date or need help? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

When you go for your eye test, the optician will talk you through the various checks they will perform, checking your eyesight and the health of your eyes.

At the end of your eye test, your optician will give you a signed copy of your prescription that you can take home with you.

You can then start the exciting part, new glasses shopping!

If we still have a copy of your in-date prescription and you aren't due a new eye test, you're good to go! Read more about easy reordering at IOLLA.


So why is it important to get your eyes tested?

It’s important to get your eyes tested regularly, even if you haven’t noticed any changes to your vision. When you go for your eye test, the optician checks the overall health of your eyes as well as your sight. Signs of other health conditions can also be picked up by your optician taking a good look at your eyes.

Do I need to get my eyes tested to buy from IOLLA?

To purchase prescription glasses or sunglasses in the UK, you need a copy of your in-date prescription from your optician. At the end of your eye test, the optician is legally obliged to hand you a signed copy to take away with you and you can use this wherever you want! To buy glasses from IOLLA, your eye test date must be within 2 years from the date you buy. At IOLLA you can also purchase your new glasses without your prescription - simply upload this yourself online once you have it and we’ll keep your order on hold for as long as you need.

What if I can't find my prescription?

Keys, wallet, phone..but prescription? It’s easy to misplace or lose your prescription, but it’s possible to get another copy. If you’re having any problems obtaining it, reach out to our customer support team and we’ll help!