We are delighted to support Orbis, an organisation who give communities across the world access to quality eye care, transforming lives and restoring vision for those who need it most.

Save a child’s sight. Change a child’s future.

Read more about Orbis's See My Future Appeal here.


Step 1


We're making a pledge to support carefully selected partners that are working towards preventing and treating sight loss around the world.

Step 2


Our most recent donation contributed to the amazing work Orbis are doing in Ethiopia.

Read up on their projects in Ethiopia today.

Step 3


We have regular communication with Orbis who keep us up-to-date with projects. This means we can then pass this on to the IOLLA community and help spread awareness.


help bring clear vision to twice as many people around the world.

We are proudly supporting Orbis's See My Future Appeal. The appeal means that until 23rd June, your donations to Orbis will be doubled by the government. This means that all public donations made within this time will have double the impact!

In many parts of the world, avoidable sight loss means children are dropping out of school. Whether they can't see the blackboard or they need eye surgery - a lack of . sight means a lack of education.

Donations to Orbis's See My Future appeal will go towards their projects in Nepal, which screens and treats children with sight loss, enabling them to attend school and face a brighter future.


we supported Orbis's Ethiopian initiative

The Orbis 'Flying Eye Hospital' provides hands-on training to local eye care professionals in under resourced communities around the world.

Last October, the Flying Eye Hospital landed in Addis Ababa, visiting. Ethiopia for the 5th time. The plain remained there for a three week training programme, coinciding with Work Sight Day on 11th October. During the three week programme, Orbis staff and volunteers on board the Flying Eye Hospital trained eye care professionals, screened many patients and provided treatment, as well as raising awareness of the issue of avoidable blindness.

The Flying Eye Hospital provides hands-on training to those who need it most.


We had the privilege of visiting the Flying Eye Hospital when it stopped off in London. We were given a tour of the plane and met some of the hard working team members who work on board the plane.

Orbis' amazing work in Ethiopia over the past 20 years has made a substantial difference. With the population almost doubling within that time, there is still much more work to be done.

This is why we are thrilled to contribute to the incredible efforts taking place there, and continue to improve our support for sustainable eye care programmes that change lives.