live by giving

We're making a pledge to support carefully selected partners that are working towards preventing and treating sight loss around the world.


80% of all visual impairment can be AVOIDED or CURED. We want to help do something about it.

We believe that all companies have a responsibility to give back. That's why we made 'Live by Giving' one of our four key values.

By staying true to this value throughout our growth, we believe that we can inspire others to act socially too.



We research and carefully select partners whos mission we believe in


We make a substantial monetary donation to chosen organisation


We monitor the results and report back to the IOLLA community

our current partner

Orbis fight against avoidable blindness by providing hands-on training to local eye care professionals in under resourced communities around the world.

By the end of 2018, they aim to:

Orbis International gives communities across the world access to quality eye care, transforming lives and restoring vision for those who need it most.

Our donation to Orbis can be used in one of these ways:

Focus Area 1:

Support 30 hospitals to improve their eye care services across Africa and Asia

28 people could receive surgery for Trachoma restoring their vision and removing the excruciating pain caused by the condition. The funding includes all of the elements necessary to not just deliver the surgery services, but also to ensure the services remains sustainable by including training and professional development for the surgeons and quality assurance. Read a case study:

125 cataract surgeries on the Flying Eye hospital

Cataract surgery is a one time low cost procedure yielding dramatic results. A cataract is a cloudy or opaque area of the eye which cancause blurry vision and blindness. This sight saving surgery can be performed in the state of the art Orbis flying eye hospital. The donation from IOLLA could radically transform the lives of 125 people by providing this surgery. Read more about the flying eye hospital here:

150 people educated about the importance of eye care

3 community screenings could take place which would educate 150 people about the importance of eye care. The film encourages the viewer to seek treatment immediately if they notice any problem with their child’s vision or their own. This is a link to one of the films being shown in Zambia:

Training for 9 community health workers

9 community health workers could be trained to conduct community screenings and refer 837 children with eye conditions for eye care services. Training community health workers in basic eye care is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that children with eye problems are identified early and referred for medical or surgical treatment, especially in rural areas.

We chose to partner with Orbis as they ensure a sustainable eye care system is created in all areas they visit.
Our mission starts now...