IOLLA created new frames for our Mr Tommy Shelby

In the Summer of last year, we were approached by Alison McCosh, Costume Designer for Peaky Blinders.  Little did we know a year on we would be seeing IOLLA frames on the one and only Tommy Shelby for Peaky Blinders Series 5. 

The glasses were to help complete the look of Tommy Shelby, as played by Cillian Murphy, as his life takes a new path into politics and the Peaky Blinders progress into a new time period.

We are extremely proud of the journey we went on to produce this popular character’s glasses for the show's fifth series and be part of this amazing project.

We’ve been waiting a year to see the glasses on the screen and be part of the story, and we are incredibly excited to now be able to watch alongside you! Visit one of our showrooms to see the design process in more detail, and to take closer look at some early prototypes.