Helping people open their own IOLLA showrooms in communities across the UK.

Join us on our journey, as a Joint Venture Partner.

IOLLA joint venture partnerships

We are excited to launch Joint Venture opportunities throughout the UK to people who are passionate about our brand and want to be part of our growing success. 

We’re looking for people with real passion for the business, great people skills, an entrepreneurial spirit ... and we’ll teach you the rest. Join us in partnership and together we can bring IOLLA to all corners of the UK and help many others look and feel great in their eyewear. 

Joint Venture Partnership means our success, is your success

What you’ll get

A brand and proposition proven to succeed within it’s existing regions

Training and support from a passionate team with varied experience including in; retail, marketing, business development operations and in optics.

Resources to help you succeed including local marketing toolkits and operations manuals

Design, manufacturing and supply of quality products

Brand and national marketing and PR to support the growth of your IOLLA venture

What you’ll bring

An entrepreneurial spirit with an invested interest in growing the brand

A founders mentality to hustle, actively seeking and pursuing opportunities to grow your business

A leader of people: the ability to take your team on the journey with you

We're looking for local partners who can help us on our mission to bring IOLLA within the reach of as many people as possible, through physical retail, an innovative approach to local marketing, and a passion for exceptional customer experiences.

A joint venture is a good option for individuals who want to start a business with the support of an established brand and business model, and who also want to collaborate and share in the ownership and decision-making of a new business venture. 

IOLLA and our local partners join together and form a new company (our Joint Venture) to take the IOLLA brand to new customers in an exclusive new territory within the UK. We can teach you all aspects of operating and marketing the business, working in an ongoing close partnership to ensure the success of the business. We are in this together! 

IOLLA Joint Venture Partnership

Introducing IOLLA in your local community

Our greatest marketing tool is word of mouth; delivering a fantastic customer experience which everyone talks about - true viral growth. However, we've got to get started in new territories and a highly effective launch is required to kick start our venture. We can support this launch and share best practice with you and your team. 

It is a core part of our brand to conduct ongoing local marketing and PR activity to continue to reach more customers and gain more market share. This is why we have prioritised this role in our Joint Venture structure and created local ownership to drive this forward. 

Funding your Joint Venture

There are several ways to fund an IOLLA Joint Venture:

Personal funds: Joint Venture Partners will require a liquid investment of at least £45,000 per region, whilst the remainder can be borrowed if required.

Bank loans: Banks and other financial institutions offer loans to Joint Venture owners. These loans may require collateral, such a property, and have strict eligibility criteria, including creditworthiness and a solid business plan. IOLLA has a relationship with some leading UK banks who are familiar with our model. 

Leasing: It may be possible to fund certain equipment and shop-fitting. IOLLA has a relationship with some leading UK leasing companies who are familiar with our model.

It's essential to research and understand the pros and cons of each option and determine which one is best for your situation.

Supporting you all the way

IOLLA will work hand in hand with you along the entire process when setting up your Joint Venture Business including assisting with your business plan, sourcing a property, training you and your team and launching your new venture.

Our full ongoing support mechanism includes; supporting you as a Director and co-owner of our Joint Venture, marketing, retail operations, learning and development, and human resources.

Find out more

To find out more, get in touch and receive our full JVP prospectus with more information on our band and joint venture model. After which we can arrange a confidential discussion, discuss our financial pack and arrange a tour of our head office and workshop. We would love to show you where our glasses are made! Thorough research and evaluation of this opportunity is important to ensure that it aligns with your goals and capabilities before making a decision, and we are here to support you through the journey.