How to care for your IOLLA glasses

Most of our frames contain acetate, a cotton based material which has a degree of flexibility as opposed to purely synthetic plastic which is brittle. Acetate is hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant which means our frames are less likely to irritate skin.

We would recommend that to keep your glasses looking great you:

  • Avoid using any chemical cleaners to clean your glasses
  • Avoid wearing on your head, and use two hands to take on and off. This will help prevent them from becoming slightly stretched over time
  • You may, from time to time, clean your frames in warm soapy water. Avoid soaps that are scented or contain dyes. Dry thoroughly afterwards
  • Avoid scratching your lenses by placing them in your case when not in use
  • Use only a dry microfibre cloth to keep your glasses clean. If you don't have a microfibre cloth, use 100% cotton material to gently clean the lenses. DO NOT use any paper materials, such as kitchen or toilet roll to clean your lenses
  • Do not clean your lenses with any solvents or chemicals. They may contain alcohol or other ingredients that will damage your lenses