Help Sheet

Use this option if you are unable to access a computer or laptop with webcam

Measuring Tool

Not available on mobile

Step 1 - Take a Photo

Position your face within the dotted circle.

Using a card with a magnetic strip on the back (such as a credit or debit card), hold the card against your upper lip and directly under your nose. Make sure the magnetic strip is facing the camera.

Look straight at the camera with your eyes wide open and click on the camera button.

If you can’t see your pupils clearly or the picture is not level, click on the cross icon to take another picture.

Step 2 - Take Measurement

Click on the card’s magnetic strip and move the arrows to adjust the red box so that it perfectly outlines the magnetic strip.

Place the white crosshairs directly over each of your pupils, and align the center hash mark with the center of your nose.

Use the zoom button in the upper toolbar to get the most accurate measurement. As a rule of thumb, the normal range for adult PD measurements is 50mm to 75mm.

Step 3 - Send us the Info

Click “Confirm” to review your photo and measurements. Please take a note of this and send it to