7 November 2022

How to measure your PD

Measuring your pupil distance, or PD, is an important step in ordering your glasses. To take your PD measurement, you can either do it yourself or have it done by your optician during your eye test.

Here's how to do it yourself:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and hold a millimetre ruler against your forehead, aligning the zero mark with the centre of one pupil.
  2. Close or cover one eye and measure the distance between the centre of the open pupil and the ruler.
  3. Repeat the process for the other eye.
  4. Write down both measurements.
  5. Keep in mind that the average PD measurement is between 55-75mm and if you are unsure about your measurement. you can get in touch with our Customer Support team who can give you a helping hand, or try .

It's important to have accurate PD measurements when ordering glasses to ensure a proper fit and perfect vision. Need more help? Send us a photo using the guidance below and we'll calculate your PD for you.


Take a photo of yourself following the steps below. Email us attaching your picture and including your order number. We'll then confirm when we have your PD and can start making up your new glasses!


1. Before you take your photo, make sure you are in a well-lit room, and take your glasses off.


2. Place any credit card (or membership card of this size) against your forehead as in the example below.


3. Hold your camera out at arm’s length, and in line with your eyes.


4. Look at your camera rather than at your screen when you take your photo.

How to measure your PD