10 November 2023

Blue Light Filter: why you should consider adding it to your next pair

In our current digital age, screen-usage is prominent in our every walk of life. Technology can help enhance, innovate and simplify many aspects of our life. However, this increased exposure to screens has raised concerns on the impact of blue light on our eyes. 

Blue light filter on your lenses works by blocking blue light from the sun and digital screens and reflecting it away from the eyes. So what are the benefits of blue light? 

Blue Light Filter
Improved Sleep Quality

Where possible, working late in the evenings at a screen is recommended to be avoided. However, where necessary we recommend the blue light filter. This is because exposure to blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, affecting your production of melatonin that regulates your sleep. Hence, wearing your blue light glasses will help to reduce the negative effect that blue light has on your sleeping pattern and promote better sleep quality. 

Reduces Headaches

Reducing headaches with blue light blocking filters is our second identifiable benefit to the lens option. Prolonged exposure to blue light, especially from digital screens has been linked to an increased likelihood of migraines and headaches. By incorporating your blue light glasses into your daily work habits, you help to mitigate the adverse effects of blue light on your eyes. Therefore, this helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. 

Increased Visual Comfort

Blue light softens the harsh whiteness of lighting, paper and on-screen documents making work a little easier on the eye. The softened viewing afforded through a blue light filter makes on screen tasks more visually accessible, ultimately easing the strain on your eyes during extended periods of work. 

How Can I add it to my Order?

At IOLLA you can add a blue light filter to any optical glasses, prescription or not. This lens option is priced at £30 and is available to add to your order both in-store and online. Our showrooms carry pairs with blue light filters for you to look through and try for yourself before you buy. This lens coating has anti-grease and anti-smudge properties, as well as anti-glare and anti-scratch. 

Incorporating blue light filters into your eyewear isn't just a fashion-forward choice, it's a decision for the heath and well-being of your eyes. From improving sleep quality to reducing the likelihood of headaches, the benefits of blue light filters extend far beyond enhanced visual comfort. make the smart choice for your eyes and embrace the technology that helps your see clearly and live better in our digital age.