We're on a journey to ensure our footprint stays minimal.

How we define Eco

At IOLLA, we're investing in positive initiatives and making eco-friendly choices in our product design and across our brand. From our eco-friendly materials to paper-free processes, we're on a journey to minimise our impact on the environment.

Eco can mean different things to different people and businesses, but to us it means reducing our environmental footprint by making more sustainable choices.


Eco Acetates

Our eco acetates are biodegradable, meaning they have the ability to be broken down naturally without causing pollution. Biodegradable acetates are a type of bio-based polymer that can be broken down by natural processes, giving our customers the option of a pair of sustainable glasses.

The first in the eco acetates collection at IOLLA were Crystal Fade and Butter Tortoise which is available in Douglas. However, we have just added two new frames to the eco acetates collection - Kennedy which is available in Caramel Tortoise and Clear Crystal, as well as Nicol which is available in Highland Green and Caramel Tortoise. Nicol is also available as regular or prescription sunglasses. 

All of our black acetates are made from 70% recycled acetate. This is produced from the off-cuts from our other acetates which are produced during the frame manufacturing process. 

A better future for the planet, one frame at a time

Our new Eco acetates are biodegradable, making sustainability accessible for necessary products like glasses. The same great quality IOLLAs, just better for the planet, and we won't stop there, we're just at the beginning. We're working towards making one-quarter of our collection Eco by the end of 2023.

IOLLA Refresh

Give your glasses another life

At IOLLA, we want your glasses to last you for as long as possible. That's why we offer IOLLA Refresh so that a change in your prescription or an accidentally scratched lens doesn't mean a completely new pair. Refreshing your IOLLAs means giving your favourite pair a whole new life so that they can live on in your eyewear wardrobe. 

Bored of a particular pair? Got a new haircut and don't think you suit them anymore? Why not turn your glasses into sunglasses? With the IOLLA Refresh, you can swap your lenses for sun lenses.

IOLLA Lens Refresh

No glasses left behind

Glasses can't be recycled from the home, and therefore broken, sat-on, unloved glasses often end up being tossed in the bin.

We have introduced a recycling programme that means your glasses, wherever they are from, can be given another purpose. In their full form, or broken down, glasses can live on in different ways to ensure no pairs reach the landfill.

Visit any of our showrooms and drop off your glasses or sunglasses to be recycled.

Glasses Recycling

Top up your Lens Cleaner with every visit

Our plant-based lens cleaner comes with free unlimited refills, available to fill up at any of our showrooms.

Bring your IOLLA lens cleaner bottle with you and on your next visit and reduce your single use plastics by topping up at our lens refill stations. 

Visit one of our showrooms to purchase a lens cleaner or order our cleaning kit online. 

Lens Cleaner Unlimited Refills