with you in mind

All of our frames are designed in-house. By drawing on our own inspiration and listening to feedback from the IOLLA community, we put together mood boards for inspiration of shapes, colours, and details we think you’ll love. We make sure that you are always choosing between the most up-to-date trends and feeling great about your eyewear wardrobe.

Creating your perfect pair

Just like no two faces are the same, every combination of frames and lenses is completely unique. Designing the perfect pair of glasses is a balance of fit, style, and function. We take every step seriously when it comes to design and making sure you find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection.

Every frame tells a story


in materials and manufacturing

We believe quality materials are at the heart of any pair of glasses. That’s why we travelled the world to search for the best acetate, metals, and components available to us. This enables us to complete every pair to a quality standard that competes with those at the very top of the eyewear industry.

Materials that are reliable and comfortable

It is important to us that we pair our designs with the best materials possible; creating dependable and great looking eyewear. That’s why we choose to make frames using acetate, rather than cheaper materials such as injection molded plastics.

Acetate is a strong, lightweight, and flexible material derived from cotton. Its unique composition creates bright, vibrant colours that bring our frames to life.


Step 1

Cotton fibres are melted in plasticiser, creating a soft crystalline paste.

Step 2

The paste is mixed with colour pigments that become blocks of colour, then cut and pasted creating incredible 3 dimensional patterns.

Step 3

The acetate is then cut and pasted to create bars from which the frames are made.

Once the acetate has been carefully hand selected, we ship it directly to our partner factory. Here, the acetate will be cut and combined with high quality components including stainless steel wire cores and teflon coated screws.

We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality standards


with our partner factory

The manufacturing of our frames takes place at our partner factory in Shenzhen, a place we've visited ourselves and a company we are proud to work with.

We make frames the traditional way

Each frame goes through more than 50 stages of production before it is fully complete. Our frames are all handmade using traditional methods including polishing, tumbling, and hand finishing before it even makes its way to our Glasgow workshop.