The journey through our


All of our glasses are assembled with lenses in our Glasgow workshop. This means we can complete your frame with prescription lenses and send them directly to you from there.

From choosing to receiving your eyewear we ensure your experience is the best we can make it, tracking each stage of the process to ensure you receive your perfect pair on time and to the highest quality of British standards.

Step 1 - Ordering

When you order in one of our showrooms or via our website, an order goes straight to our workshop team who begin by choosing the best lens for your chosen frame and your prescription.

Our experienced team use precise measurements to pick a lens that gives you an optimal visual finish.

Step 2 - Checking & Marking Up

Once your lenses arrive, they are checked for imperfections to British standards and can then be marked up accurately using your individual measurements.

Step 3 - Tracing

Due to the handmade finish of our products, no two IOLLA frames are exactly the same. Because of this we individually trace each one to ensure that your lenses are the perfect fit for your new frame.

Step 4 - Cutting

Using the tracing of the frame from the previous stage, we then place a plastic block on the lens to accurately line everything up. Our state of the art machine then cuts your lenses to the precise shape of your chosen frame.

Step 5 - Hand Edging

Once the lens has been put through the glazing stage, it often needs to be smoothed off to ensure there are no rough edges. We do this by hand to allow us to confidently check that these are ready to be fitted into your frame.

Step 6 - Hand Glazing

The lenses are then carefully inserted into the frame, where they can be checked one last time to ensure the prescription and measurements are perfectly aligned. After this, they can be given a final clean and they’re good to go!

Step 7 - Final checking

Right before casing up your glasses we give them a final check under our inspection lamp to make sure they are in pristine condition ready for you to wear.

Industry leading


We source our prescription lenses from an industry leading manufacturer that have over 90 years of spectacle lens production experience. We also include lens thinning as standard, because nobody wants thick lenses. Multi-focus lenses are available to order in our showrooms, to allow us to take the relevant and correct measurements.


For prescription glasses we offer various lens thinning to suit most prescriptions. All of which come with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings as standard.


Prescription Sunglasses

Our prescription sunglasses come with hard, anti-scratch coated plastic tinted lenses. As standard we tint with green, grey, or brown colours and thin lenses down where necessary. All of our lenses are rated to Category 3 and offer 100% UV protection. Learn more about our prescription sunglasses.


Polarised Sunglasses

Non-prescription sunglasses and clip-ons come with polarised lenses. The range includes gradients and mirrored lenses, all in vibrant colours. All of our lenses are rated to Category 3 and offer 100% UV protection.