5 January 2024

Welcoming 2024 - The IOLLA Guide to Resolutions you’ll actually stick to

At IOLLA, we're not just about helping you see clearly; we're commited to making our customers always look and feel their best and we know this comes from the inside out. We wanted to put together a few achievable resolutions for 2024 to share with our community that will leave you feeling great! Resolutions can be tricky but we know how good it feels to tick these goals off your mental ticklist.

Looking after our eyes

In this digital age, our screens have become constant companions, and so has the strain on our eyes. This year, make a conscious effort to prioritise your eye health. While working on screens, consider wearing blue light glasses to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality. However, it's equally important to strike a balance by minimising excessive screen time. Give your eyes and thumbs a rest from hours of scrolling. We recommend screen time limits, these not only help you cut back on your screen time but very quickly make you realise just how quickly time passes when you find yourself down a rabbit hole of scrolling.


Most importantly, don't forget the cornerstone of eye care – schedule your bi-yearly eye test at your opticians. This will help ensure your vision is crystal clear and the health of your eyes has been overseen.

eye health
get outdoors
Spend more time outdoors

Next up on our accomplishable goals - prioritising time spent outdoors moving our bodies.

As your workplace and friend groups fill with talks of marathons and all-consuming gym schedules remember that’s what works for them and not necessarily you. Physical activity is crucially important but this year it’s about learning what that looks like for you. A great daily goal to set yourself is to get in your 10,000 steps. Whether it's a quick morning walk, a dog walk or an opportunity to listen to your favourite podcast, let’s ensure we’re getting our bodies moving! Make 2024 the year of outdoor adventures. Importantly, while doing so- don't forget to protect your eyes from the sun's rays – grab your favourite sunglasses or clip-ons for those low sun days. Let the outdoors refresh your senses and contribute to a lifestyle that prioritises your health and wellbeing.

Learn something new

Last up, let’s set a goal for our brains! Challenge your brain and ignite your curiosity by learning something new. Visit an exhibition that sparks your interest, whether it's about fashion, art, music, or history. Expand your horizons and let the experience become your next fun fact. Speaking of fun facts, did you know that all our black acetates are crafted from recycled acetate offcuts? It's our small contribution to sustainability, and your next pair of glasses could be a stylish nod to eco-conscious fashion. As we step into 2024, let these resolutions guide you towards some small changes that you can implement to give yourself a pat on the back for achieving and promoting your wellbeing while doing so! 


Here’s to an amazing 2024, we can’t wait to bring you all along for the journey…


learn something new